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Eoin's Story

My name is Eoin. My father was 57 years old when he passed away in March of this year.

He gave blood regularly and rarely missed a local clinic. In fact it was at his last two visits to the blood donation clinic that they advised him to have a doctor check his bloods because his counts were low and he showed signs of anaemia.

This lead to the discovery of a kidney tumour and after having the tumour removed last November. It was soon discovered that my Dad was suffering from a blood condition called Myelodysplastics syndrome which quickly progressed to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

During his illness, Dad required regular transfusions of large quantities of blood and platelets. Sometimes two or three units a day of both blood and platelets.

Since he became ill, right to the very end, 5 months later, there wasn't a week passed where he did not need blood or blood products.

Without the donations of blood and platelets from generous people like Dad, he would not have survived 1 month. If anything, these donations made it possible for me and my family to have more time with Dad and
dramatically improve his quality of life.

It was not until Dad started needing transfusions that I realised just how important these donations really are in helping save the lives of people all around us.

Dad was never ill in his life, he never needed to see a doctor before he got sick. He, nor we, ever thought for a second that Dad would ever need regular blood transfusions.

We would often joke with him that he was been giving back all the blood he donated in his life and more.

My only regret is that I had to see how important it is to donate blood regularly first hand through my Dads illness. I am determined now to give blood as often as I can at my local clinics.

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