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Eva's Story

I couldn't believe when I heard there wasn't enough blood supply of my type for 4 days! What if they didn't have enough 7 months ago when I needed it after giving birth? I lost almost 2 litres of blood (half of my blood) which normally would lead to death if it wasn't for someone who actually gave the blood that saved me.

Even if they had taken blood from my mum and husband who were there (and have the same type) that would have still been only half of what I needed! And losing blood, feeling your body "switching off" is the most horrible feeling that I've ever felt in my life and the fear of not seeing your baby again, or your family. So, after few months my husband started giving blood too and he will every 3 months.

I would like to say thank you. I can't give blood but I am grateful to anybody that gives blood. You're saving lives :-)) Thanks :-) Eva

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