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Mary's Story

When I was forty eight I had a heavy period which continued for two weeks , I was confined to bed it was so bad, my GP was called and he told me to stay in bed and take Ponston. I developed a severe headache and it was an effort to walk as I had become very breathless and the bleeding continued into the third week. I began to wonder what the loud banging was in my ears only to realise it was my heart thumping, this was very frightening. By this time my face and hands were completely waxy in colour and one of my family told me later when they saw me they thought I was definitely going to die.

I was feeling so bad I rang a local doctor told her the situation and she rang an ambulance immediately and I was taken to St. Vincents where they told me my haemoglobin was at 3.5 and I was almost 'moribund' as they put it.

After some tests they gave me four blood transfusions and the life began to flow in me again, I lay in that hospital and thanked with all my heart those four donors who had taken the time and effort to donate otherwise I certainly would'nt have lived. Those donors and the IBTS saved my life.

Two years later the IBTS came into my life again when I went to work for them and it has been the happiest time working here. Every time I see a donor come in I wonder is that the person who gave me their blood and saved my life.

If ever you lose your faith in people just come in to any of our clinics any day or night and see the countless men and women giving their blood and their time in order to save someones life!


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