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Roy's Story

In May 2012 my wife gave birth to our first child - a fantastic baby girl! She was delivered in the MLU in Drogheda and all was going fine until about 10 minutes after giving birth, my wife collapsed and lost almost two litres of blood within 90 seconds. There was panic and a team of 15 people around her working so fast. They got her back, but later that day she collapsed in the toilet. The same team of 15 rushed in and it all happened all over again. She then received 2 units of blood and was monitored around the clock.

Three days later we got home with baby Eve. The crazy thing was that the day before Wed the 30th, I gave a pint of blood in Carrickmacross. I queued for over an hour because the Phoenix Centre was packed, but am so glad I waited.

You never know who will need your blood and in my case somebody's blood saved my wife's life literally hours after I donated.

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