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Event Presentations

Presentations from the NHO  Conference 2016

Session 1

NHO Report 2013-2015 Serious Adverse Reactions  Ms J Scanlon NHO

Session 2

Findings from SHOT Annual Report 2015- Dr P Bolton Maggs Medical Director SHOT

TRALI  A Case Study - Dr N Moore IBTS

Session 3

Update on ISO 15189 - Ms M O'Mahoney INAB

Implementation of National Medical Laboratory Information System (MedLIS) - Dr M Griffin Clinical Director & Project Manager, National MedLIS Project

Implementation of National Medical Laboratory Information System (MedLIS) - Ms A Geaney National Blood Transfusion Lead MedLIS Project 

Electronic Blood Track System and it's implementation - Ms G Boyle Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown

NHO Report 2013-2015 Serious Adverse Events - Ms R Brady NHO

Presentation from SHWG - Haemovigilance Update Day March 2015

Serious Adverse Events in Blood Transfusion Practice - Ms J Sweeney NHO

Presentations from the NHO Annual Conference 2013

Session 1

Using Platelets:recent studies - Dr L Estcourt John Radcliffe Hospital

Informed Consent for Blood Transfusion - Dr D Madden University College Cork

Session 3

Blood Legislation & Haemovigilance - the Role of the Irish Medicines Board- P Costello Irish Medicines Board

Findings from NHO: 2012 Serious Adverse Events - Ms J Sweeney NHO

Findings from NHO: 2012 Serious Adverse Reactions - Ms R Brady NHO


Proceedings from LABCON workshop on BCSH 2012 Guidelines - J Quigley National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street

How Non-Conformance Data Can be Used to Help Reduce Error Rates - D Lundy UPMC Beacon Hospital

Let Us Not Burst The Balloon - U. E. Varghese St Mary’s Hospital, Phoenix Park

Implementation of 2nd Sample Policy - C Burkett UPMC Beacon Hospital

Presentations from the NHO Annual Conference 2012

Session 1

Open Communication - Ms A Duffy Clinical Indemnity Scheme

Findings from NHO Annual Report 2011 - Serious Adverse Events - Ms M Cronin NHO

Session 2

The Reference Laboratory- Mr John Crumlish IBTS

The detection, evaluation and management of pre-operative anaemia international guidelines and practical experience- Dr Alwyn Kotze

Session 3

Consent for transfusion: E-learning module - Ms J Sweeney NHO

Findings from NHO Annual Report 2011- Serious Adverse Reactions - Ms R Brady NHO


Presentations from the NHO Annual Conference 2011

Session 1

Towards Optimal Use of Platelets - Dr Helena Daly IBTS & Naas General Hospital

EU Optimal Blood Use - Dr Ian Franklin Director of NHO

Session 2

Transfusion Requirements for Sickle Cell Disease- Dr Corrina Mc Mahon OLCHC

Screening for bacterial infection of platelets - Mr E Cadden IBTS

Post operative anaemia and the risk of cardiac complications- Dr Naeem Ullah Our Ladys Hospital Navan & St James Hospital

Serious Adverse Reactions reported to the NHO 2010 - Ms R Brady NHO

Session 3

Pre transfusion labelling- Mr J Sheehy Cork University Hospital

Serious Adverse Events involving Anti-D 2010- Ms J Sweeney NHO

A Sample of Unsuitable Samples - Dr Margarita Gonzalez - IBTS


Presentations from the NHO Annual Conference 2010

Session 1

Reflection on 10 years of NHO Reporting Dr E Lawlor Director NHO

Adverse Transfusion Events in the clinical area: The HVO Role Ms M Cronin NHO

Mandatory Serious Events focusing on Paediatric events 2009 Ms J Sweeney NHO

Serious Adverse Reactions 2009 Ms R Brady NHO

Investigating and Reporting Errors from a hospital perspective Ms D Lundy UMPC Beacon Hospital

Session 2

TACO and TRALI in critically ill patients and the differential diagnosis Dr Neil Soni Imperial College London

Massive Transfusion in Galway University Hospitals 2006 - 2010 Ms M O' Connor Galway University Hospital

Session 3

Use of Prothrombin Complex Dr G Crotty MRH Tullamore

Neonatal and Paediatric RBC Components Dr J O'Riordan IBTS

Paediatric products available from the IBTS Ms B Quirke IBTS

Session 4

Anti D Errors Dr J Fitzgerald IBTS & St Vincents University Hospital

Electronic Crossmatch - one year on Ms B O'Donovan St Vincents University Hospital Dublin

E Learning manuals,information and IT requirments

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IT Requirments (PDF 26.9KB)

Learn Pro - Registration Quick Guide

LearnPro NHS Administrator Manual (PDF 2.6MB)

LearnPro NHS Level 1 and Lab relaunch - Bulletin (PDF 469KB)

LearnPro NHS Tip Sheet - Assessment Policy Enhancements (PDF 530KB)

LearnPro NHS Tip Sheet - New Reports (PDF 283KB)

LearnPro NHS - Registration (PDF 1.76MB)

Paediatric Launch (PDF 72.7KB)

LearnPro NHS User Manual (PDF 1.4 MB)

E Learning Pilot (PDF, 186KB)

How elearning impacts on the life of the haemovigilance officers (PDF, 56KB)

Presentations from NHO 10th Anniversary Conference October 2009 Dublin

Haemovigilance in Ireland

Serious Adverse Events - IBCT

Serious Adverse Events - Hospital Blood Bank SAE

Serious Adverse Reactions

Haemovigilance in Malta

Consent to transfusion

Developing an Adverse Event Reporting System for Cell Salvage Incidents

Red Cell Audit

Presentations from 7th NHO Annual Conference October 2008 Limerick

Competencies for Hospital Based Haemovigilance Officers (PPT, 469KB)

Massive Transfusion Guidelines (PPT, 156KB)

Electronic Cross Match (PPT, 2.4MB)

Risks of Transfusion in Paediatrics: Lessons to be Learned (PPT, 1.2MB)

Anti-D Guidelines (PPT, 153KB)

Update on Regulatory Requirements (PPT, 458KB)

Hospital Liaison Workshop - National College of Ireland

Wednesday 7th November, 2007

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New Developments

Dr. William Murphy IBTS

Presentation 1 - Pregnancy

Presentation 2 - Anti D

Presentation 3 - Anti Vel

Mr. John Crumlish IBTS

Providing Serological Requirements for Pregnant Nigerian Woman

Ms. Elizabeth Murphy IBTS

HLA Matchmaker

Dr. Moira Woolfson IBTS

Haemovigilance Annual Report 2006

Ms. Marina Cronin IBTS

Annual Notification Form of EU Directive

Ms. Jackie Sweeney IBTS

Jehovah's Witness - Medical and Legal Issues

Dr. Emer Lawlor IBTS

Presentations from European Haemovigilance Seminar - Dublin 2007

Haemovigilance in Ireland 1999-2007 - Dr. Emer Lawlor

Addressing Learning Needs - The development of Haemovigilance Modules in Dublin City University - Ms. Marcia Kirwan, Ireland

Sources of knowledge and perceptions of barriers to evidence-based transfusion practice - Ms. Marina Cronin, Ireland

Implementation of EU Directive in France - Dr. Cyril Caldani

Presidential Address:  The contribution of Haemovigilance to Evidence Based Transfusion Medicine - Dr. Rene de Vries, The Netherlands

How to Manage People? - Dr. Joris de Bie, The Netherlands

Implementation of the EU Directive - Dr. Dorothy Stainsby, SHOT UK

Feedback from Workshop 1 - Dr. Dorothy Stainsby, SHOT UK

Feedback from Workshop 3: Uses of the EHN Rapid Alert System - Dr. Jean Claude Faber Luxembourg

TRIP - Dutch Haemovigilance System - Dr. Martin Schipperus, The Netherlands

Workshop 1 presentation Implementation of the EU Directive - TRIP - Dr. Martin Schipperus, The Netherlands

Dr. Hitoshi Okazaki EHS 2007

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