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Special Services

Below is a table of special services and products offered by the IBTS.

Special Services
Platelet Antibody InvestigationsEnzyme Immunoassay
HLA Antibody InvestigationsLymphocytotoxicity
Enzyme Immunoassay
HLA TypingDisease Association Investigations
Transplant Investigations, HLA Class K
Transplant Investigations – including DR Locus (for Solid Organ Transplantation) by DNA analysis
HLA typing by DNA analysis (for Bone Marrow Transplantation)HLA Class I: A or B or C
HLA Class II: DR or DR Subtype or DQ or DQ Subtype or DP
Human Platelet Antigen typing by PCR
Mixed Lymphocyte Culture Investigations
Bone marrow registry search 
HLA matched platelet search 
Eye BankCorneas and Scleral Coats
Tissue BankPulmonary Heart Valves
Aortic Heart Valves
Mitral Heart Valves
Cord BankDirected Donations
Apheresis ProceduresPlatelet suspension
Exchange plasmapheresis 
Anti-D QuantitationAuto Analyzer Quantitation
Supplementary Titres:
Indirect Antiglobulin Technique
Blood Group InvestigationsAntenatal / Crossmatching / Antigen Typing

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