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Targeted Lookback Programme

In October 1991 the testing for Hepatitis C was introduced as part of the routine blood screening process. In late 1994 early 1995 the IBTS commenced a tracing programme for patients who had received blood components from donors who were subsequently found to have Hepatitis C infection i.e. the Targeted Lookback Programme.

Some of the donors are donors who have been identified as being Hepatitis C positive and whose source of infection has been traced to the receiving of Anti D or transfusion.

However many are donors who have been identified as being Hepatitis C positive but have not received blood or blood products. The exact source of their infection may be unknown.

When a Hepatitis C positive donor becomes known to the IBTS a donation history is compiled and the recipients notified. The follow up involves making contact with the recipient through their hospital consultant or their General Practitioner.

Recipients of such donors are invited to attend their General Practitioner or attend the IBTS for testing. Further follow-up is arranged as appropriate. All such testing and consultation are without charge.

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