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Monitoring Programmes

The Final Campaign for the Anti D/Hepatitis C National Screening Programme -
Important Notice for Women over 30 -

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) are currently in the final stages of tracing all untested recipients of infectious Anti-D in risk years and the Anti D/Hepatitis C National Screening Programme is due to close in early 2011.  

Please answer these three simple Yes/No questions carefully.

1.       Did you have a miscarriage or baby in Ireland between:
-          1 May 1977 and 31 July 1979 or 
-          1 March 1991 and 18 February 1994? 
2.       Are you a Rh negative woman?
3.       Did you receive Anti-D to prevent ‘blue baby syndrome’ during either of these risk periods?

If your answers are yes and you have not already tested for Hepatitis C, then you need to contact the IBTS to arrange for a Hepatitis C blood test with your local GP.

We would also like to encourage those who were born in Ireland during these risk years to speak to their mothers about this campaign.  If you were born in either of the above periods and have Rh positive blood, your mother may have received Anti-D following your birth.  

We are aware that some women affected by this may be living abroad and we are anxious to make contact with them. If you or someone you know fits this category (e.g. your sister, mother or friend) please ask them to contact us.  

The IBTS will treat all contact in complete confidence and will pay for your GP appointment.

Contact the IBTS

Freephone Helpline 1800 222 111

If you are calling from outside Ireland please phone: +353 1 432 2865

Read on for more details on this and other programmes run by the Unit. 

Transfusion Recipients

Glossary of Anti-D/Hepatitis C terms

See a glossary of terms relevant to the monitoring programmes.

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